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Attendance Policies Page

The Glen Rock High School staff is committed to students attending school for 180 days and being present in every class. Our work is accomplished only when we all share the commitment to 100% attendance. Knowing that parents share our concerns about attendance, we advise parents by telephone or letter if their children's attendance record falls short of our expectations.

Daily attendance in all classes is vital for the successful completion of the course requirements of Glen Rock High School. The exchange of ideas which takes place in the classroom is crucial in the development if a student's understanding of each course and cannot be adequately "made up" through alternative assignments.   

  1. Absence
  2. Excused Absences
  3. Absence Notes
  4. Unexcused Absences
  5. Attendance Review Procedure
  6. Cuts
  7. Truancy
  8. Early Dismissal
  9. Students who become Ill
10. Lateness


A student is absent when he/she is recorded absent from assigned classes. Parents must call the Attendance Office as early as possible in the morning to report the reasons for, and the expected duration of, the student's absence. The parent's call to the school regarding their child's absence does not automatically excuse the absence with regards to the attendance policy. Please see the section Excused Daily Absence in regards to this. If no call is received from the parent, the school will attempt to call the parent. Please call the school at 445-7700, press 1, then leave a message. In the appendix of the Student Calendar/Handbook, there is a form which student and parent should use to record each absence. This record must be verified in the Attendance Office if an attendance appeal is planned.

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Excused Daily Absence

An absence from class will be excused upon receipt of a satisfactory written explanation, which will be recorded by the Attendance Office. The following are considered excused absences:

  1. Medical verification of the student's illness. After four or more consecutive days of absence, a student must present a doctor's note or the parent must confer with the Principal or his/her designee.
  2. Critical family emergency, such as a death in the family, or serious family illness.
  3. Religious observance per NJ State Religious Holiday Calendar.
  4. An alternative educational program, provided prior consent has been obtained from the school administration.
  5. College visits, up to three visits per year (juniors and seniors).
  6. Other urgent personal circumstances and events that the Principal or his/her designee agrees are valid.
  7. School sponsored, approved field trips and student exchanges.
  8. GRHS athletic events and NJSIAA activities.

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Absence Notes

An absence note written by a parent/guardian only should be presented to the Attendance Office before 7:45 a.m. on the day the student returns to school.

The absence note should contain:

  1. Name of student
  2. Date or dates of absence
  3. Reasons for absence containing substantive data pertinent to the absence.

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Unexcused Daily Absences

  1. A student is unexcused when he/she is absent without a valid excuse or has not received prior permission from the school to be absent. Please note: a note from a parent does not automatically excuse absence with regards to the attendance policy.
  2. Vacations, when school is in session, are unexcused. Family vacations should be planned to coincide with the school calendar.
  3. College visits in excess of three per year, are unexcused.
  4. Absences other than those specifically designated as excused may be classified as unexcused upon review by the Principal or his/her designee.

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Attendance Review Procedure

According to our Attendance Policy and Procedures, all excused and unexcused absences are recorded in the student's attendance record. A student whose absences exceed 10% of the scheduled classes for each course may by denied credit for the course. Loss of credit will occur in all cases when a student has attained the following absences unless he or she successfully appeals the loss of credit:

  • 5 absences in a one marking period course, i.e., Health.
  • 9 absences in a one semester course.
  • 12 absences in a three marking period course, i.e. Physical Education.
  • 18 absences if a full year course

If a student has exceeded these limits, the student must complete an attendance appeal form within fourteen (14) days of notification. Notification of loss of credit will be made by mail. The appeal document must be completed in full. An incomplete appeal document will not be considered. If a student has cut classes, the Attendance Review Committee will automatically deny the appeal.

NOTE: If the Attendance Review Committee has granted an appeal to a student and the student's pattern of absence continues, the appeal may be reversed.

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A cut is defined as:

  1. Being present in the school building but failing to report for instruction, without the specific approval of certificated personnel, in the period and classroom assigned.
  2. When a student leaves the building during the instructional day, without specific approval of the Assistant Principal/school nurse. Students leaving the building without permission are considered truant.
  3. Failure to report for instruction in the assigned period and classroom as a result of being tardy to school without a proper excuse is an unexcused absence and may be considered a cut.
  4. Classes missed because a student is truant are classified as cuts.
  5. SENIOR CUT DAY IS NOT APPROVED/CONDONED by the High School administration.

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Truancy occurs when a parent, guardian, or other person having charge of the student is unable to cause him/her to attend school and when a student is incorrigible or vagrant (see N.J.S.A 18A:38-27). Truancy may result in out of school or in school suspension as well as judicial action. Underclass students who leave the school during lunch period without permission are considered truant.

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Early Dismissal

Appointments for students should be made outside of school hours. Early dismissal should be requested only when no other reasonable alternative is available.

  1. Only an administrator is empowered to grant permission for early dismissal.
  2. If a student must be excused early, a request in writing from parent/guardian only must be presented to the Attendance Office or an administrator prior to the start of school. This note must contain the reason for the request and the telephone number to contact a parent/guardian for verification.

    1. The student must sign out at the Attendance office before leaving the building and sign in if and when the student returns to school.
    2. If the request is not approved, and should the student not appear in class, the absence will be considered and treated as truancy.
  3. All notes must be written by parents/guardians. Notes written by students of any age are not acceptable.

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Students Who Become Ill During The School Day

Students who become ill during the school day must report to the Nurse's Office. If the nurse decides a student is too ill to remain in school, she will telephone the student's parents/guardians and ask them to pick up the student or to grant permission for the student to go home. Students must NOT make this decision independently. Leaving school without permission constitutes truancy.

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Lateness to homeroom and/or class shall be treated within the guidelines of the regular disciplinary code of the school. Teachers shall initiate conferences in order to change the student's behavior. When such conferences fail to achieve the goal of prompt attendance, the teacher shall assign detention and notify the Assistant Principal in writing regarding the situation. The Assistant Principal may place the student under whatever appropriate restrictions necessary to improve the student's sense of responsibility.

Students arriving after period one bell must report immediately to the Attendance Office with a note explaining the tardiness. The tardy student will receive a time-punched card, which must be shown to the faculty on demand. Period one teachers will take attendance daily and will detain tardy students.

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